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      Melt-blow non-w
      Automatic densi
      ty control rock
      wool line
      System Integrat
      SuZhou C-Rtec Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd is a technology leader and service guide company. It’s located in kpsp yangcheng lake SuZhou city. Nearby Shanghai. From our company to Shang Hai Hongqiao airport only need 30 minutes.
      Our main product:
      1.1High speed winder and slitter machine. It can be used for non-woven、paper and film.
      1.2No-woven machine control system integration and industry robots.
      1.3Siemens、Mitsubishi and Schneider PLC、VFD、server motor、HMI and electrical parts.
      1.4Non-standard automatic equipment design.
      1.5Mechanical and electrical equipment go to customer site installation and repair.
      We have high technology engineers in our product. We are ready to help our customers solve their equipment problem. When it comes to solutions from our customers, we are prepared for every challenge. Right from the outset, one key customer benefit contributed to our company's success: "Design and implementation from a single source".
      What can we do for you?

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